Local enterprise partnerships

We work with three local enterprise partnerships (LEPs) who support economic growth in Kent, Surrey and Sussex - and beyond. 

Coast to Capital

The C2C LEP vision places international growth and entrepreneurship at its heart. It aims to transform business and economic performance so that its area can compete in any international marketplace.

By 2035 it should have developed an economy that is trade-led with a business community that is outward looking, investment-led and driven by the need to be innovative. It will have a skilled workforce delivering high value added and knowledge-driven products and services.

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South East

The South East LEP is a partnership of leaders from the business community and from local authorities with their democratic mandates. Its leadership role means acting as strong advocates for the area – working with government to find solutions to enable delivery of strategic transport infrastructure that will drive national prosperity and economic growth.

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Enterprise M3

The Enterprise M3 LEP aims to bring together local business and civic leaders to work together to support and improve the local economy.

It is an area responsible for producing £25 billion worth of goods and services annually, with 57,000 registered businesses, 537,000 jobs and a population of over a million people.

Representatives of businesses of all sizes, the armed forces, councils and the voluntary and education sectors will work together to boost the local economy.

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