​Co-creation: better outcomes through user-led design  

 Now more than ever, we feel there are real opportunities for bringing user-led living lab design methodologies to the big issues facing us across Kent, Surrey and Sussex – all aimed at enabling more people to remain well for longer and reducing the need for inpatient care. 
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The Region of Southern Denmark is an inspiring example of a new model of care, in which patients, carers, families and communities are equal partners with people working in health and social care and the life sciences. It's an apporach which is allowing the new university hospital to be built with 30% fewer beds.


Co-creation is leading to new products, new models of care and new communities. It provides a great platform for focusing on improving outcomes, experience and value. We believe it has great potential to support work on both service design and product innovation.

A "living lab" provides the methodology behind the co-creation. Starting with inclusive discussion, it enables change to be tested in a controlled environment and then become the basis for transformational action. 


Melissa Ream, Co-creation lead, KSS AHSN, for more information about taking this approach forward in our region or to join our new community of interest.   

 Documents and presentations from the study tour to Denmark, October 2016

Denmark Trip Brochure October 2016.pdf

Innovation tour Oct 16 a tale of collaboration final.pdf


Danish Technological Institute - Health and Human Interaction Technologies - 6.10.2016.pdf

Dementia presentation Odense october 16.pd


Press release from Healthcare Denmark issued shortly after the study tour.