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Improvers Network event, March 2017

This film gives you a taste of our first Improvers Network event, what was discussed and shares the experiences of some delegates attending.


The Q Initiative in Kent, Surrey and Sussex​​





Improvers-network (2).pngJoin the new Improvers ​Network for Kent, Surrey and Susse​x

If you are interested, exper​ienced or trained in safety or quality improvement work, we want you to join our new network, part of the biggest improvement network in the country.

A​​​ new way to share experience and learning

Improvers network NEW infographic V3.jpg


The KSS Improvers Network will lead safety and quality improvement in Kent Surrey and Sussex, encouraging collaboration and spread of improvement methodologies and capability.

It will be a hub for individuals who wish to understand improvement and share on-going projects and knowledge to further develop improvement capability.

Our members represent health, social services and care settings across Kent, Surrey and Sussex, and many of them are members of Q.  

The Improvers Network will:

  • Maximise the use of capability expertise
  • Share learning
  • Accelerate the adoption of best practice
  • Embed best practice across the region ​

If you are interested in finding out more contact psc@kssahsn.net

​​​Rob Galloway, Emergency Medicine Consultant, BSUH, gives an insight into Human Factors.