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Leadership, culture and capability​​

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Why are we focussing on Leadership, culture and capability?

Culture is “the way we do things around here”, it’s what you do when nobody’s watching. All evidence shows that to improve patient safety you need to focus on a range of issues, and that to make a lasting impact, improving the culture in teams and organisations has to be a priority. Good safety culture is where staff have positive perceptions of teamwork and leadership, where staff feel comfortable discussing errors, where leaders and frontline staff take shared responsibility for delivering safer care. ​​​​​

The challenge

Several recent reports and reviews, including the Rose review, the report of the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Inquiry and the Berwick review, point to the need for cultural and leadership change. The Five Year Forward View (5YFV) states that achieving quality requires a 'caring culture, professional commitment and strong leadership'.  The biggest influence on culture is the leadership in the organisation. Collective leadership - people empowered to lead in all areas at all levels - is the key to creating cultures that will give NHS staff the freedom and confidence to act in the interests of patients, and will lead to sustainable operational and financial performance.

How are we going to improve leadership, culture and capability over the next year?​

We aim to continually increase the number of healthcare professionals across the region with the skills and knowledge to deliver long-term, sustainable improvements in patient care. Continuous improvement is a skill requirement for all staff. Our challenge is to develop ways in which staff can use improvement science and tools so they are confident to carry out and sustain changes that enhance patient care.

As part of this approach, we ran our first Accelerated Patient Safety Officer Programme training. The event was in partnership with Health Education England KSS and delivered by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Find out more here.

Assessment of safety culture

We are facilitating the assessment of safety culture and climate within individual provider organisations across Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Read more >>>

Improvers Network

Leading safety and quality improvement in the region, encouraging collaboration and spread of improvement methodologies and capability. Read more >>>

 Q Initiative support

Provide local support for the Health Foundation's Q Initiative programme within Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Read more >>>

Improving capability and capacity

Facilitate the improvement in organisational capability and capacity to support patient safety work across all care settings. Read more >>>

Patients as Partners for Improvement

Provide support to develop patient and carer expertise in patient safety. Read more >>>

Who is leading the work?

  • Tony Kelly, Clinical Lead for Leadership, Culture and Capability, KSS PSC
  • Jacqui Parfitt, Programme Manager, KSS PSC

 Contact the team at psc@kssahsn.net