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The toolkit includes:

Training plan

Case studies

Budget outline

Resource pack for Hydrate Champions

Evaluation form

Hydrate Champion questionnaire

Resident questionnaire

Care home manager questionnaire

Progress questionnaire

Healthy hydration for older people leaflet



​Hydrate in Care Homes

Hydrate in Care Homes is a project which aims to improve hydration among older people living in residential and nursing homes. The project was initially developed by North East Hampshire and Farnham Clinical Commissioning Group. Taking on board the lessons learnt and the latest research, we have developed the concept further and implemented it across KSS.  In addition to taking part in this six month project, some participating homes will be helping to validate the ROC dehydration risk assessment tool.

The project aimed to reduce illness and unnecessary hospital attendance amongst our care home residents. We hope to do this by supporting residential and nursing home staff to implement accessible regular individual drinking regimes. We were able to track impact by recording the number of UTIs, falls and hospital admissions and by comparing the figures of care homes involved in the project against those who were not.

Evaluation report published

We are delighted to announce our evaluation of Hydrate in Care Homes has been published! You can read it in full here

Hydrate's charter

1. Improving hydration awareness for staff and residents .
2. Encourage optimum hydration  though the use of  individualized drinking regimes to meet the hydration needs of all residents.
3. Ensure there is access to clean drinking water and hot drinks 24 hours a day.
4. Reassure residents that prompt assistance with all toilet needs will be provided.
5. Provide agreed data to the Improvement Practitioner to demonstrate the impact of the project

Care homes that took part in the project signed up to the charter and agreed to:

• Provide agreed pre-project data

• Have a hydration policy which can be updated  to fulfil the latest best practice

• Have at least one nominated member of staff to become a hydration champion (preferably more)
• provide details on provision of easy regular access to water and other drinks in their care home setting.

Project Benefits:

• Training sessions provided by the Improvement Practitioner to support healthy hydration practice.
• Best practice on the most effective methods of increasing hydration for the frail and elderly.
• Promotional material
• Ongoing  support from the Improvement  Practitioner
• A bespoke Hydrate resource pack and copies of training sessions.
• Facilitation through the locality Care Home Forums or equivalent organisations to promote sustainability.
For more information, contact Gill Potts, Senior Programme Manager.