STP priority: deploy technology to improve care

The quality of care provided to patients and the wider population is - in nearly every case - dependent on technology, from the digital thermometer or patient ​records to robotic surgery.

Taking advantage of the latest technology is crucial to improving both health outcomes and the sustainability of the health and social care system. 

There is a challenge for health and social care staff to see what technologies are available. Similarly, there's a challenge for product developers (industry) to know what's needed.

That's the problem KSS AHSN is here to tackle.

Why is it so important?

The Five Year Forward View (5YFV) published by NHS England says the NHS needs to make £22billion of efficiency savings by 2020/21. The NHS must focus on opportunities which contribute most to the 5YFV. 

Engaging with Industry programme

We believe that KSS AHSN must therefore focus effort where there is highest value to members and the wider health and care system - both commissioners and providers. We provide a number of opportunities for health and social care professionals to discover and discuss technologies that may help them meet patient needs and improve the quality of care. These include our annual Expo and Awards​, our themed events and publicationsWe also support industry through national programmes.  

Our role is respond to a wide range of clinical needs with a range of technologies. We promote the opportunity - the technology or capability - and not a specific product or company. 


We look at a number of criteria. These include:

  • is the technology on or close to market
  • how robust is the business case - are its assumptions realistic?

We focus on these areas because the contracting and payment mechanisms in the NHS can prevent the adoption of new technology. This is often overlooked by those wishing to sell products to the NHS.  

What happens ne​xt?

After initial assessment we offer three levels of support to technologies which are viable and market-ready.

For those with the highest potential value we will explore dedicated and tailored support. For others we may provide an introduction or signposting to an expert, a relevant network or events, or we may invite you to an "innovation surgery" to discuss the value proposition

Contact us​

If you wish to make us aware of your high value, market-ready product, please contact Rob Berry, Head of Innovation, for an initial discussion via

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The AHSN Network endorses the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) code of conduct.