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Working together for safer services 2015-17 - our mobilisation report​

Measurements of patient safety

Why are we focussing on measurements of patient safety?

Measurement helps us prove we have made a difference, and identify where change or intervention is needed.  Without it, we run the risk of good work being lost under the burden of poor evidence.

The Kent Surrey Sussex Patient Safety Collaborative offers a unique opportunity to support local organisations in measuring and evidencing their improvement work in high priority areas. We will also look towards the development of measurement approaches that look beyond the measurement of retrospective harm and looks toward predicting where harm may occur in the future.

How big is the problem?

Currently there are significant differences in how data is recorded across the region. This can make it  more difficult to get a true picture of how prevalent some conditions are, which makes it more difficult to plan services and identify where good practice is taking place and where improvement is needed.

How are we going to improve measurement and reporting over the next year?

Develop analytical resources and measures

Develop a suite of measures and analytical resources to support all KSS PSC workstreams, including the Atlas of Variation. Read more >>>

Monitor and measure key outcomes

Provide information products to enable KSS PSC stakeholders to monitor and measure key clinical and other outcomes in order to assess change and variation across the region, in individual organisations and within workstreams. Read more >>>

Integrate measurement into the improvement cycle

Promote and actively integrate measurement into the improvement cycle in order to reduce data burden and ensure quality and continuity of data. Read more >>>

Look beyond retrospective harm
Utilise current research and new thinking with regard to the measurement of patient safety to explore and develop measurement approaches that look beyond the monitoring of retrospective harm. Read more >>>

Who is leading the work?

  • Workstream Lead – Kate Cheema, Head of Service, Quality Observatory
  • Co-Director – Kay Mackay KSS PSC

Kate is supported by a reference group made up of staff and patient representatives from across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.  Contact the project team at