Across the UK, 3.2m people are diagnosed with diabetes; 10% of them have type 1 where they are totally reliant on insulin treatment

Without careful, continued management of their condition, people with type 1 diabetes face a reduced life expectancy of more than 20 years and increased risk of complications.

Diabetes-related illness can also mean increased rates of sickness absence from work, depression and can be a cause of early retirement.

We estimate to have a cohort of approximately 20,000 adults with type 1 in our region and KSS AHSN is working with NHS, industry and third sector partners to improve care quality and outcomes for this patient population.

Following on from our Hypoglycaemia Pathway project with SECAmb, MSD and the South East Clinical Network, we are now looking to further enhance clinical outcomes and quality of life for adults with type 1 diabetes by launching the KSS Diabetes Medical Technology Collaborative.