Frac​ture neck of femur/bone health

Fracture of the neck of femur (#NOF) is associated with mortality and care for this fracture costs more than for others. It is more common after the age of 50.

The new pathway aims to implement quality systems to reduce hospital admissions as a result of fragility fractures, and improve care for admitted patients.

It builds on process measures currently in the National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD), ensuring availability of more real time, validated clinical data for continuous improvement in patient care. It will enhance management of fractures for continuous improvement in patient care, with strong clinical leadership and collaborative learning. ​

Specific objectives are to:  
  • support NHS Trusts to achieve best practice tariff,
  • improve service integration and care bundle compliance collecting data in the NHFD,
  • improve quality of care and patient experience,
  • reduce mortality and length of stay for #NOF patients, and
  • enable spread and adoption of innovation in care delivery.