KSS AHSN Alliance for Atrial Fibrillation

Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network (KSS AHSN) Alliance for AF aims to reduce the number of people dying or disabled by AF related stroke, by optimising the use of anticoagulants in line with NICE CG180 guidelines.
Detect. Review. Protect - People with AF 


  • Across Kent, Surrey & Sussex (KSS), there are approximately 6,000 strokes per year. 
  • One in three is caused by atrial fibrillation. 1
  • This is a type of irregular heartbeat that can create the conditions in which blood will clot (coagulate).  These clots may circulate and become lodged in a vessel in the brain, where the clot may grow preventing blood from reaching parts of the brain causing a stroke.  A stroke may result in death or severe disability.
  • One stroke equates to £23,215 in Health and Social care costs.  2
  • Appropriate treatment that prevents clots from forming (anti-coagulation) can significantly reduce the risk of stroke.3
  • NICE CG180 2014 guidelines recommend that all patients with AF who are at risk of stroke should receive oral anticoagulation.  However, despite this guidance, GP register QOF 2013/14 data indicates that anticoagulation is still widely underused. 4
The project objective is to increase the identification, timely review and rate of appropriate anticoagulation offered to patients with AF in order to reduce the number of AF related strokes and improve patient outcomes.
The Innovative Project Plan in Primary Care delivers three specific and innovative interventions at various stages of the patient pathway; we will improve care outcomes for AF patients:
Detect - increase the prevalence of AF: where success is driving up numbers of people diagnosed with AF.
Review - provide timely reviews: where success is driving up the percentage of people diagnosed with AF being prescribed anti-coagulants.
Protect - increase optimal anticoagulation: where success is driving up the percentage of anti-coagulated patients receiving optimal anticoagulation.
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