​Our objectives 

We have set ourselves three objectives and key indicators to achieve by 2018:

Enhancing research capability

Connect NHS, industry and academia to strengthen region-wide research infrastructure and catalyse new collaborations.

By 2018, research capability in Kent, Surrey and Sussex will have been enhanced, and Clinical Trial Unit accreditation will have been secured.

Enhancing quality and recovery

Deliver an innovative, clinician-led, quality improvement programme with a track record of using large scale change methodology in clinical practice to deliver health benefits for patients and economic benefits for our community.

By 2018, over 10% of the Kent Surrey and Sussex population will ha​ve benefited from faster adoption of best practice and reduced unwarranted variation.

Enhancing access to innovation

Accelerate the identification, development and adoption of healthcare innovations with high patient and economic benefit.

By 2018, we will have added value to 75 innovations with high patient and economic benefit. This will be supported by our Navigator Advisory Service providing advice and expert assistance for industry and other innovators