​Test beds​

Test beds bridge the gap between industry and the NHS. They help new products and technologies to reach more patients faster.

​A test bed gives an opportunity to work with the relevant health and social care partners to understand in detail the practical issues faced by organisations wishing to adopt your technology. You will also gain feedback on your product and its relative value. 

The process is intended to help identify and overcome any challenges to adoption, such as integration with other technology or staff training. 

The test bed will help you understand the business case for adopting your innovation from an NHS perspective. That equips you to approach the wider market more effectively and achieve faster results. It gives the NHS the chance to evaluate the impact of the product or technology and assess its value. 

Most importantly, the test bed gives industry and the NHS a way of working together to achieve better results for patients. 

If your test bed is successful, we can then share that information with other parts of the Kent Surrey Sussex health economy and the national AHSN Network through the Innovation Exchange – opening up potential work with the NHS across England.