Our Surgery+ sessions provide an opportunity to develop your market access strategy and value proposition in greater detail. This is to ensure you optimise the chance of being accepted to work with one of our testbeds.

Building on the innovation surgery, Surgery+ starts with a concentration in detail on your value proposition and market access strategy. Having established where the potential weaknesses are, we help create practical solutions. 

Typically the sessions are a half day and will challenge you to ensure your approach is realistic and ready to be put in front of NHS clinicians and purchasers. 

Surgery+ can in effect be a rehearsal for your introduction to our test beds. By the end of this session you will have gained further knowledge of any outstanding issues with your value proposition and market access strategy. 

These sessions are partly subsidised and we will discuss costs with you after an initial meeting or innovation surgery session.  

For those wanting to access our test beds we need to be sure that you have an “Innovation worth sharing”. 
We want you to succeed and to be in the best shape for that next discussion.