Service Improvement​

During 2013/14 we passed the 100,000 milestone on the way to our objective of 430,000 patients receiving consistently high quality care by 2018. 

The Enhancing Quality Programme, Enhancing Recovery Programme, and Respiratory Programme​ – enable best practice and innovation to spread across clinical networks. 


How it works
Our enhancing quality programmes enable clinicians to work together to reduce variation and spread existing best practice and the best new innovations. A vibrant clinical network is created around each clinical area. The networks share data and learning, making benchmarking more effective and enabling best practice to spread faster. Ultimately they're about ensuring more patients receive the highest standards of care and supporting members to achieve and sustain improvements.

Using data to inform clinically led improvements to care is a powerful tool within our enhancing quality approach.

"Most people haven't heard of AKI and most doctors overlook it. Improvements in basic care led by data can significantly improve clinical care and patient safety."

Dr Michael Bedford, Renal Research Registrar,
East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust.