The Q Initiative

Q is an initiative connecting people with improvement expertise across the UK. We are working with the Health Foundation to create opportunities for people to come together as an improvement community – sharing ideas, enhancing skills and collaborating to make health and care better. It’s a key part of our commitment to enhancing the quality of care and safety of patients in KSS and beyond, and we are looking to build this network of committed individuals with you as part of it.

We need you!

We are currently coming to the end of a very busy recruitment period for new Q members – and if you demonstrate a commitment to collaborative improvement and you work or volunteer in KSS – then we would love to hear from you! There is no membership fee or minimum time commitment. Q is designed to support busy people with their current improvement work, on-going development, and promote their visibility as a leader of improvement.

Don’t delay – apply today!

The deadline is Midnight on 12 June – and of course you can apply any time leading up until then. However, the feedback we have had so far is that whilst the application process is quite straightforward, it does take a bit of time to work through the process – so if it can be helped, try not to leave it until the last minute.

Helping you

Over the recruitment phase, we have been asked lots of questions. So, we thought we would run an article answering the most popular ones so that you are “in-the-know” throughout every stage of the process.  There is also a webex session you can join to support you though the application stage on Thursday 8 June from 12 – 1pm following this link and using passcode: 54771741#
Insider tip: Whilst you don't need to be very specific about what you will do, it is important to show you have understood what Q is about and that you intend to bring time, energy, ideas or influence to the community. Best of luck!

1. What is Q and what are the benefits of joining?

a. This interactive PDF explains everything from ‘What is Q?’ to how Q members measure success and share learnings.
b. Q provides ways for members to learn, share and get advice from a wider network of peers, offering flexible development in a way that taught courses aren't easily able to provide.
c. There are a range of opportunities for sharing ideas, enhancing skills and collaborating on improvement projects, based on what the founding members identify as most useful.
d. Q strengthens other networks and initiatives that you may be involved with.

2. Who can apply?

a. Anyone with passion/experience for Quality Improvement (QI)
b. Anyone who works in and outside of the NHS, including those working in social care, and other local authority services; in private companies, or third sector and voluntary organisations.
c. Q is a home and network of individuals sharing information, best practice, learning from each other – does this sound like you?
d. You do need to have right experience – check out the Decision Tree to see if you have the right experience

3. How do I apply?

a. Online via this link The deadline for applications is 12 June 2017
b. If you have any technical issues in accessing the application system, please email
c. You’ll be asked 3 questions (with a word count) – provide as much info as you can
d. Read through the Applicant Guidance, which takes you through every step of the process before and during your application
e. Set aside some time to do it. It’s not a difficult process, but you will need to provide full, reasoned answers

4. What are the 3 questions in the application process?

What has been your experience and understanding of improvement to date?
Thinking about one specific example from the improvement efforts you have been involved in, what did you contribute to and what did you learn?
Why do you want to join Q?

5. How will my application be assessed?

a. By a small panel of people who understand improvement and who are supported by the team at the Health Foundation and NHS Improvement
b. They’ll be looking at how you’ve answered the questions, so make sure to give lots of information and evidence of experience

6. How long will I have membership for?

a. You join as an individual, not a team or organisation
b. That means you remain part of the Q community even if you change role/circumstance/organisation

7. What’s the time commitment as a member?

a. There is no minimum time commitment. Q is designed to support busy people with their current improvement work, on-going development and promote their visibility
b. There’s also no membership fee!
You can find out more about Q and access a number of great resources on our website
Or you can contact Sarah Leng, Programme Manager, for an informal chat.