Online Quality Improvement training goes live

A new online course that teaches the initial steps in Quality Improvement training is now available across the region.

Kent Surrey and Sussex Patient Safety Collaborative (KSS PSC) has worked with Yorkshire and Humber Improvement Academy to make this free training opportunity available for all those interested in learning more about Quality Improvement.

This entry level training covers a broad spectrum of foundation knowledge, from introduction to the concepts of quality improvement and the Model for Improvement, to a more detailed understanding and application of the tools covered.

The modular e-learning training is based on NHS Wales' highly tested and successful '1000 Lives Plus' Bronze Level training. ​

​How to access the training

To sign up for the course, which takes approximately two hours to complete, follow this link to the Improvement Academy site and click on "Quality Improvement Training - Bronze" and then the “Create new account” button.

On entering your details, please choose the following options:

bronze training.png

Commenting on the new course Sarah Leng, Programme Manager with KSS PSC, said: “We regularly hear from people who are interested in doing more around Quality Improvement, but are not sure where to start. This course gives an ideal introduction to the discipline, and ties in perfectly with our Improvers Network – a hub for individuals involved in quality improvement – and other QI initiatives.”


During its development phase the online course received some great feedback from those testing the content, with comments including:

  • Brilliantly set out and easy to use. Split into 4 modules – each take 30mins
  • You don’t have to take them all at once, and if you have to quit a module half way through due to work, it remembers where you were
  • Simple language and not overly complicated explanations – great for us simpletons
  • Works through examples well
  • Does not presume prior knowledge
  • Great to give to someone as an initial baptism into QI.

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