New Version of LifeQI launched in the UK!

LifeQI - the health and social care quality improvement platform - has gone through a major upgrade over the last nine months, and the new version is now live!

LifeQI is open, for free, to all members of our Improvers Network. Its new design includes a range of improvements asked for by users, including:

Your own personal dashboard…

Everything you need all in one place! All the things you’re taking part in will appear on your new Start page, providing shortcuts straight to the things you use most. You can also pin your favourites so they appear on your page, helping provide easy access to the projects, discussions etc. that you are interested in. This is now your one-stop-shop for navigating straight to the things you care most about.

Encouraging team work…

Life QI is more than just a project management platform, it’s a space for the QI community to learn, share and work together.
A range of new and updated features have been introduced to better support team working and collaboration. Discussions and Groups are now a central part of how people use Life QI. You can create as many discussions and groups as you want and invite anyone you’re working with to join you.

PDSA Ramping - Refine your theory of change…

You can now ramp your PDSA cycles! Ramping enables you to run sequential iterations of each cycle which allows you to rapidly and incrementally refine your theory of change. It also helps you to evaluate the development of the project.
The new look PDSA page on your project provides an overall snapshot of your PDSA ramps on one page. So, you can quickly see how many ramps you have, how many cycles in each ramp, and what stage each PDSAS cycle has reached.


The LifeQI team has put together a list of users' frequently asked questions around the upgraded system. Check them out here.

Find out more

For an indepth review of the changes, visit the LifeQI site.  ​