New patient information leaflet on Duty of Candour 

KSS PSC's Serious Incidents Community of Practice (SiCOP) has created a new patient information leaflet covering Duty of Candour for care settings across the region. 

Under Duty of Candour, care settings have a legal duty to be open and honest with patients, their families and carers, when something appears to have caused, or could lead to, significant harm in the future. 

In this scenario patients, and their families, have certain rights over how they're communicated with, and the care setting has to complete a thorough investigation within 60 working days.

Following a review of regional Duty of Candour leaflets, the SiCOP realised that the quality of information being issued varied greatly from one healthcare setting to another. 

Using these existing patient information leaflets as inspiration, the team created a new Duty of Candour leaflet that local care settings can amend for their own needs. 

Commenting on the initiative, Alison Newby, Deputy Patient Safety Lead at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, said: "Understandably, it can be stressful and upsetting for patients, their families and carers when care or treatment appears to have gone wrong. 

"By reviewing the range of available patient information that explains Duty of Candour in our region, we have been able to develop a version which, we feel, offers comprehensive advice and information, in an accessible format." 

The leaflet is free to downloaded here, and this guide explains how to adapt and print the leaflet.