Bruce Keogh highlights important role of AHSNs at KSS Expo and Awards

Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director for NHS England, highlighted the importance of Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) in his speech about Embracing Collaboration at the KSS Expo and Awards on 13 January 2015.

Sir Bruce told over 300 delegates that he sees a “very promising future” for AHSNs. He used his speech to outline the rich heritage of scientific innovation and healthcare breakthroughs which we inherit dating back to the discovery of immunisation and identifying the mosquito as spreading malaria. He talked about the need for the NHS to improve quality and increase productivity. He described how innovation is what links quality and productivity and that the collaborative opportunities created by AHSNs are key to unlocking innovation and maximising its spread. You can watch his speech in its entirety to hear more of his thoughts on how we ensure more patients benefit more quickly from innovation and collaboration.

The KSS Expo and Awards combined a healthcare exhibition of successful innovation with awards for high achieving clinical teams and innovators. Hosted by KSS AHSN with key partners, the South East Coast Strategic Clinical Networks, the Kent Surrey Sussex Leadership Academy, and the South East Health Technologies Alliance, the event created exactly the sorts of opportunities for cross sector and pan regional collaboration to which Sir Bruce referred.

You can read more about the award winners and the event.​