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Our pressure damage priorities 

Following our Collaborative event on 25th May 2017, we are finalising the AHSN QPSC's close involvement with Pressure Damage.

In order to support the continuation of all your good work, Sherrie Ryder as Clinical Lead and I are looking at recruiting interested people to lead a Pressure Damage Network within each of the main STP areas : Surrey Heartlands, Surrey & Sussex and Kent & Medway.

We will be arranging a joint event on leading networks for those that are willing to lead within the STP area.

I would expect there to be three or four people from each STP area, though the emerging network itself would hopefully include all of you that have continued to spread good practice each year.

The contact list will be made available to the network leads who will be in touch regarding any future events.

Ursula Clarke, Senior Programme Manager, KSS QPSC