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​​The Q Initiative​​


There are now more than 100 Q members across Kent, Surrey and Sussex, following a successful recruitment campaign over the summer of 2017.

We were thrilled to bring together the new and existing Q members at our Welcome event in September. To find out more about the event, take a look at the video at the end of this page, or read this blog from Jo Wookey, Senior Improvement Manager at KSS AHSN, who joined Q this summer.

Opportunities to join Q have closed for 2017 and will re-open in summer 2018. Be the first to know when we are open to new applications by registering your interest via the Q Website.

In the meantime if you're interested in getting more involved in Quality Improvement work, please consider joining our Improvers Network.

What is Q

Q is an initiative connecting people who have health and care improvement expertise across the UK. Q is led by the Health Foundation and supported and co-funded by NHS Improvement.

Members are able to access a wide range of support, information and events, including:

  • Q visits - a regular programme of visits to organisations doing interesting and relevant work within and outside of the health and care sector
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) - a great way for people to share experiences, challenges and inspiration. They can also be used to potentially initiate new improvement projects
  • Q Connectors – a growing network for members who love connecting people and ideas across boundaries  – and who can help push the boundaries of what’s possible for all of us in Q
  • QI Connect WebEx series - an opportunity to learn from international leaders in the field of improvement and innovation. The series sees more than 500 organisations across 50 countries linking in
  • Q Randomised Coffee Trials - an opportunity to meet and connect with a different Q member. These fun (and fruitful) conversations offer informal opportunities to connect with peers
  • The Q Labs – aiming to bring people together from across the UK to work and make progress on complex challenges facing health and care.

For more information on these opportunities, and to get the latest Q news, visit https://q.health.org.uk/ and follow @theQCommunity on Twitter.