Following a medicines optimisation refocus in 2018, the Respiratory Programme now aims to improve the quality, availability and accessibility of respiratory services, focused on addressing the interdependency between polypharmacy prescribing issues and respiratory prescribing, reducing unnecessary prescriptions and high respiratory drug spend.

We spread effective and innovative practice and reduce unwarranted variation.

Clinical Lead ​​​

Dr Jo Congleton​​​                          Consultant Respiratory Physician,  Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust Lead for COPD discharge bundle, Breathing M​atters and Dashboard

Clinical Co​​​-leads ​

Julia Bott                                              Consultant Physiotherapist Clinical Lead for Home Oxygen and Pulmonary Rehabilitation 

Dr Ed Cetti                              

Consultant Physician Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust          Lead for Community Acquired Pneumonia

Main contact:​​​​​​

Ellie Wells

Programme Manager

KSS AHSN Email: ellie.wells@nhs.net    

07917 240172​