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We think being a Darzi Fellow is an amazing opportunity - and we believe being a Darzi Sponsor is a great honour - being part of transformational change is no mean feat, so those selected to guide (our sponsors) and implement (our Fellows) are sure to be SUPER special.  

Darzi Dave

Dave Hearn was a Darzi Fellow in London - a few years on and he has been instrumental in bringing the first ever cohort of Darzi Fellows to KSS.


Dr Sally Morgan

Sally is a clinical psychologist and has joined the Darzi Fellowship, working on respiratory with KSS AHSN.

Here is what she has to say so far...

Workshop or workhouse?

The thing is – everyone in Health and Social Care loves a CPD (continuing professional development) event. It’s a chance to catch up with old friends, there will usually be free food and you might learn something useful and / or interesting. In short it’s a bit of a jolly and a welcome break from the day job.
To be fair our first workshop at LSBU (London South Bank University) for the fellowship did tick many of those boxes. Although we didn’t really qualify as ‘old’ friends the new KSS fellows had had the odd meet up and had all come together for the rather swish launch event, so we at least could recognise a few faces. We even had lunch provided, although I suspect that was to stop us escaping into the wild and to make sure that we had our noses to the grindstone the entire day. And I definitely can’t complain on the learning something useful and interesting – the entire three days were spent ramming so much information into my head that I’m surprised that I could fit it out of the door on the way out. We then had to inspect, analyse, dissect, critique and generally dismantle all of the this and ourselves as well. To give you some idea of how exhausting it was the KSS Darzi Fellows ‘Whatsapp’ chat went entirely silent for an unprecedented 36 hours whilst we all tried to remember what our names were and which way was up. So definitely not a jolly, but probably the most intense learning I’ve ever done in my entire life.
Just on the off-chance that you’re reading this with the view to finding out whether you should apply to be a Darzi fellow (you should by the way) I don’t want to give away too many spoilers about content. However highlights included expert witnesses you would kill your own granny to be caught in a lift with, a better understanding of who you are and what you bring to your role and – the best bit of all – knowing that you are part of an amazing group of people who really are going to change health and social care for the better.
Watch this space...
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