​​​​​Fellowship applications​

Applications are now CLOSED

The Darzi Fellowship in clinical leadership is a one year post, targeted at doctors, nurses or other health or social care practitioners who are typically in the early stages of their career.

Darzi Fellowships are intended to help established clinicians make the leap into systems leadership. While there are no hard and fast rules on who would make an ‘ideal’ Darzi Fellow, typically this programme suits medics at the ST4/5 level and nurses and AHPs around the Band 6/7 level with a few year’s clinical experience behind them. 

Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest in the fellowship. We appreciate it was a tight turn around and we really value your commitment.​​

A reminder of the shortlisted projects

1. Overcoming the depersonalisation of digital services
2. Cancer pathway (workforce and process) redesign
3. A collaborative approach to enhancing clinical outcomes and quality of life for adults with Type 1 diabetes by improving access and use of medical technology.
4. Community and Acute Trust New Model of Care
5. Community Engagement and Involvement in the design and delivery of the Multispecialty Community Provider (MCP)
6. Creating a more sustainable model of community care
7. Designing a clinical workforce model for Surrey Heartlands where a ‘one team’ approach enables a unified perspective on workforce across the system
8. Designing capitated budgets for primary care homes
9. Developing multiprofessional training opportunities and improving awareness of these and communications generally across all schools in HE KSS
10. Development of a Preassessment Care Pathway between Primary and Secondary Care
11. Development of ESTHER within the Thanet emerging Integrated Accountable Care Organisation (IACO) linked to the  Design and Learning Centre for Clinical and Social Innovation
12. Development of Rheumatology Specialist Practitioner role
13. Digital health test bed
14. East Sussex Better Together(ESBT)Integrated Frailty Pathway
15. End of Life Care in SECAmb
16. Epsom health & care
17. Evaluation of the redesigned patient-centred East Surrey IBD care model with planned implementation across a range of specialties.
18. Developing a multi-professional, whole health economy and evidence-based Integrated Frailty pathways
19. From hospital to home
20. Human Factors and team work training to improve patient safety
21. Improving understanding and quality of end of life care (EOLC) by collaboration of health care systems in the South East of England.
22. Joined up; A better way of managing back pain
23. Working together to Transform Maternity Services in  Kent and Medway STP (K&M STP)
24. KSS Armed Forces Community as an Asset
25. Making a difference to the lives of a community of 7000 people
26. Making the Unbearable, Bearable. Be a Darzi Fellow that Makes a Difference; Preventing End-of-life Care Crises
27. Managing Crisis Well in Mental Health
28. Modelling demand & capacity and evaluating impact of Kent & Medway STP local care initiatives
29. How can new ways of listening to patients, through patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) be better used in designing care pathways offered at SaSH and developed within the Pharmaceutical industry?
30. Improving Physical health for patients with Serious mental health conditions
31. A multispecialty collaborative project tackling problematic polypharmacy in older people.
32. Population and system wide proactive management of frailty
33. Reducing “crisis” emergency hospital admissions and  unwanted or unwarranted medical intervention during last year of life
34. Identifying and reducing unwarranted variation in the quality of care
35. ‘Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Safer care’ Darzi Fellow (falls reduction & pressure damage reduction)
36. Social Prescribing at Scale
37. Supporting self- and community care independent of hospital for people who have been admitted and subsequently discharged with frailty problems
38. Surrey Heartlands Children’s Urgent Care Transformation Lead
39. Surrey Heartlands Multi-Disciplinary Cancer Diagnostic Centre
40. Tackling perceived and actual barriers so that People with an Intellectual Disabilities (PWID) in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex area have better Healthcare access
41. The delivery of a clinical and community wide urinary catheter learning and training project
42. Developing a pathway to support the transition from traditional anti-coagulants to NOACs (new oral anti-coagulants)

43. Surrey Heartlands STP

44. KSS Respiratory Network – Improving outcomes in COPD, Pulmonary Rehab and Oxygen Prescribing

45. KSS Atrial Fibrillation Alliance